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Temporal Contrast in Ti:Sapphire Lasers: Characterization and Control
M. Nantel, J. Itatani, A.-C. Tien, J. Faure, D. Kaplan, M. Bouvier, T. Buma, P. A. VanRompay, J. Nees, P. P. Pronko, D. Umstadter, and G. Mourou
IEEE J. Selected Topics Quant. Electron. 4, 449-458 (1998).

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Continuum Lowering in 100-fs Laser Produced Plasmas
M. Nantel, T. Buma, J. Workman, A. Maksimchuk, and D. Umstadter
in Applications of High Field and Short Wavelength Sources VII, 1997 OSA Technical Digest Series, Vol. 7 (Optical Society of America, Washington, DC, 1997), p. 23.
Experimental Study of Continuum Lowering
M. Nantel, G. Ma, S. Gu, C.-Y. Cote, J. Itatani, T. Buma, A. Maksimchuk, and D. Umstadter
in SPIE Proceedings (1997), vol. 3157, p. 113.

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Publications / Takashi Buma / Requested References

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