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Grbic Research Interests

My research interests lie in the broad areas of electromagnetics and optics. Subjects of particular interest include fundamental electromagnetic theory, engineered electromagnetic structures (metamaterials, frequency selective surfaces, electromagnetic bandgap structures), antennas, wireless components and microwave circuits. Analytical methods in electromagnetics have also stirred my interest since they provide intuition and explain the underlying physics behind electromagnetic phenomena.  Equally interesting to me are the areas of plasmonics and near field optics and imaging.

The advent of metamaterials has yielded new opportunities in the design of antennas as well as wireless and optical components. Physical phenomena in both the microwave and optical regimes that were only theorized a few decades ago are now possible. A few such examples are artificial magnetism, negative refraction and the restoration of evanescent waves. These phenomena have enabled devices such as super-resolving near-field lenses, novel microwave couplers, phase shifters, antennas and miniature optical circuits using plasmonic structures. The field of metamaterials is still a relatively new field of study and many applications are yet to be discovered. This fast-paced field continues to fascinate me and draws much of my research interest and effort.