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Moghaddam Research Interests

Research Interests

Prof. Moghaddam’s research interests fall in the following general categories:

  • Radar Remote Sensing Instruments, Techniques, and Quantitative Algorithms
    • Advanced low frequency synthetic aperture radar system design for airborne and spaceborne platforms
    • Low frequency physics-based radar processing algorithms
    • Subsurface and subcanopy quantitative characterization
    • Multifrequency SAR systems
    • Multifrequency, polarimetric, SAR inverse scattering techniques
    • Fusion of microwave and optical regime remote sensing data
    • Forward and inverse electromagnetic modeling of complex media

  • Smart Sensor Webs
    • Integration of control system concepts in guiding sensor webs
    • Integration of data assimilation and sensor data inversion models in design of sparse sensor webs

  • Mixed-Mode Medical Imaging and Therapy Techniques
    • 3D electromagnetic inverse scattering for medical imaging
    • 3D acoustic inverse scattering for medical imaging
    • Integrated acoustic and microwave inversion
    • Nonlinear time-domain inversion techniques and superresolution

  • Near-field Imaging for Environmental Applications
    • Non-contact methods for fresh water depth estimation
    • River channel profile imaging using radar techniques

  • Large-scale Products from Satellite Remote Sensing Data for Studies of the Global Environment
    • Classification algorithms
    • Time series analyses
    • Quantitative estimation algorithms as follow-on to classification