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Moghaddam Teaching Responsibilities

Teaching Responsibilities

Prof. Moghaddam’s teaching portfolio at the University of Michigan includes the following courses:
  • EECS 230 (Electromagnetics I; First semester of undergraduate electromagnetics, covering transmission lines, traveling waves,’s electrostatics, magnetostatics, and basics of time-varying fields)

  • EECS 330 (Electromagnetics II; second semester of undergraduate electromagnetics, covering plane wave solutions to Maxwell’s equations, oblique incidence at planar boundaries, preliminary concepts of waveguides, radiation and preliminary antennas, and applications such as radar systems)

  • EECS 530 (Electromagnetic Theory; first semester of graduate EM theory, covering the scalar and vector wave equations, Green’s functions, basic principles of electromagnetics, radiation and antennas, waveguides, and introduction to scattering)

  • EECS 631 (Electromagnetic Scattering; second graduate-level course in EM theory, covering advanced concepts in scattering, dyadic Green’s functions, scattering from canonical objects, wave functions in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions, surface and volume integral equations, asymptotic expansions of integrals, high frequency scattering techniques, GTD, UTD)

  • EECS 632 (Active Microwave Remote Sensing; graduate level course in radar system, covering the radar equation, radar detection techniques, speckle and fading, real aperture radars, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) concept, SAR system design, SAR processing techniques, Spotlight SAR, GMTI, INSAR, radar scattering from targets and signal physical properties, signal sensitivities to target parameters)