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Stuart Pullen

Ph.D. Graduate

Research Group : Sension Group

Publications : Reference List (11 listed)

Ultrafast Chemistry: ultrafast (femto- and pico-second) transient absorption
studies of condensed phase chemical reaction dynamics. By measuring the
absorption of a sample as a function of time and wavelength, we can deduce the
change in chemical populations as reactions occur, and then postulate mechanisms
by which these chemical transformations occur and are influenced by the
surrounding chemical environment. The Sension Group is currently investigating
polyene photochemistry (cis-trans isomerization and ring-opening reactions) (my
project), cobalamin systems related to vitamin B12, I2-mesitylene and
I2-hexamethylbenzene charge-transfer complexes, and one of the primary events in
photosynthesis (the electron transfer in PSII).

Born Birmingham, England, 1969
B.Sc. Hons. from University of Exeter, England, 1990
Interests: soccer (Aston Villa F.C.), football (U of M and The New York Giants), cricket (Warwickshire C.C.), baseball (Baltimore Orioles)

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