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Zachary S. Sacks

Ph.D. Graduate

Research Group : Medical Group

Publications : Reference List (16 listed)

I worked in the medical applications group. My activities focused both on numeral simulation and experiments.

Computer simulations for laser tissue interaction: shockwaves, bubble oscillations, tissue damage, propagation in highly scattering media.

I researched the possibility of ultrashort pulse laser surgery through highly scattering media such as skin and sclera. The goal was to develop new glacoma surgeries.

In my spare time I made movies of Ultrashort Pulse Propagation. These movies show linear dispersion self-phase modulation of the electric field of pulses.


  • MS EE, WPI October, 1995
    Masters Thesis: Computer Generated Vortex Holograms
  • BS EE, WPI May, 1994
    Undergraduate Thesis: Finite Element Time Domain Method for Microwave Cavities using Prism Elements
  • NSF Traineeship in Ultrafast Science (5 year fellowship, 1995-2000)
  • Motorola Fellowship in Computational Electromagnetics (1994)
  • Outstanding Summer Intern, Orbital Sciences Corporation (1993)
  • HKN Norman Carson Outstanding Junior Award (National), Honorable Mention (1994)
  • NSF and DoD Fellowship Honorable Mention (1994, 1995)
  • Provost MQP Award, WPI (1994)
Honor Societies
  • HKN
  • TBP
  • SPS
Professional Societies
  • IEEE
  • SPS
  • OSA

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