Abstract State Machines




ASM Studies

Model Checking Methodology
and the FLASH Cache Coherence Protocol

Citation: Kirsten Winter, "Towards a Methodology for Model Checking ASM: Lessons learned from the FLASH Case Study". In Y. Gurevich, P. Kutter, M. Odersky, and L. Thiele, eds., "Abstract State Machines -- ASM 2000", International Workshop on Abstract State Machines, Monte Verita, Switzerland, Local Proceedings, TIK-Report 87, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, March 2000, 398--425.
Summary: A general discussion of applying model checking to ASMs. The ASM specification of the FLASH cache coherence protocol is checked using SMV as a case study.
Subjects: Hardware, Mechanical Verification, Protocols
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Notes: See the original specification and verification, as well as previous work on the production cell problem and automatic ASM-to-SMV translation.

Official version appears in Y. Gurevich, P. Kutter, M. Odersky, and L. Thiele, eds., Abstract State Machines: Theory and Applications, Springer LNCS 1912, 2000, 341-360. Included in Winter's Ph.D. thesis.